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Whether its routine maintenance or a installing a completely new system you can count on Webb Plumbing Inc. for a quality and dependable work. Our technicians have the training and experience required to ensure that you stay warm during those cold winter months.

Signs of a good furnace

  • Efficient in keeping the home warm and comfortable

  • Provides steady performance

  • Quiet

  • Long lasting

  • Low service frequency and cost

Benefits of an energy efficient furnace

Save your money on additional energy costs with energy efficent furnaces. In an event when a furnace loses or wastes heat, more energy is consumed to provide adequate heating. Our experts will check, repair and maintain your heating systems so you can be sure that it will be at its optimal state saving you from any additional expenses.


Newer furnaces features more energy effiencient features such as electric ignition which replaces the need of burning piliot which gives you upto 6% boost in efficiency. They also use in-draft blowers that ensures proper venting of the furnace combustion chamber by maintaning a stable draft through the heat exchanger.  These new features can save you money in the long run by lowering your electric consumption.


Call us consult our knowledgeable and friendly staff to provide you with options that fit your budget for your heating problems today. We also offer FREE estimates.


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